Cronic Fatigue


Chronic fatigue is a complex ailment marked by chronic exhaustion that lasts for a minimum of six months, and an underlying medical condition doesn't fully explain that. A condition marked by extreme exhaustion, irregular sleep patterns, discomfort, and other symptoms exacerbated by physical activity.

Symptoms of Chronic fatigue

  • Memory loss
  • Reduced concentration
  • Inability to stand still
  • Feeling drained
  • Chronic insomnia

Nutrition - A possible trigger

The signs of chronic fatigue are influenced by diet and nutrition. Your diet may impact your ability to carry out your regular daily activities. IgG antibodies are more prevalent in those who suffer from chronic fatigue, which may be a factor in this condition. These antibodies fight different dietary substances like casein or gluten. Most chronically fatigued individuals benefit greatly from a restricted elimination diet based on IgG antibodies against food.

ImuPro - Reduction of chronic fatigue

The "ImuPro" food hypersensitivity test identifies reactions to the primary foods that may be inflammatory process triggers by providing information on the association between IgG to food and chronic fatigue.

ImuPro is a thorough laboratory test for food hypersensitivity induced by IgG antibodies. IgG antibodies are checked for in blood samples from different diets. High antibody concentrations in particular meals indicate chronic inflammation.

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