Behavioural issues in children are often recognized by parents. The symptoms of autism can be similar in children who have been diagnosed with behavioural problems.

Autism disorder is a condition that affects how a person understands and interacts with others, which can lead to difficulties in social interaction and communication. Additionally, the illness includes constrained and consistent behavioural patterns.

Symptoms of Autism

  • Restlessness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Extreme Impulsivity
  • Disrupted emotional control
  • Lack of focus

Food hypersensitivity testing - Autism

Food and nutrition influence the symptoms of developmental illnesses. Diet can have an impact on the way the brain of children functions. Children with autism have higher levels of IgG antibodies, which are likely contributing to this disorder. These antibodies are directed against various food components, such as gluten or casein. A restricted elimination diet based on IgG antibodies against food can significantly impact most children with autism.

ImuPro - food hypersensitivity test

The "ImuPro" food hypersensitivity test provides information regarding the relationship between IgG to food and autism, making it possible to identify reactions to the primary foods that may be triggers for inflammatory processes.

ImuPro is a comprehensive IgG-mediated food allergy laboratory test for food hypersensitivity. Blood samples are examined for the existence of IgG antibodies in various meals. Large levels of antibodies in particular foods denote chronic inflammation.

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