Symptoms Of Food Allergy And Intolerance

Existing ailments in your body may signify existing and potential food allergies.

While the nutritional levels of all foods are the same for all individuals, they pose varying effects on different individuals. The food that is healthy and beneficial for you might be harmful to someone else. This is because each individual's body has different genetic makeup, allergies, intolerances and Gut Microbiome.

IgG Food Allergy- Triggering Multiple Chronic Ailments

You might not know that the reason behind a lot of your body ailments is the intake of the wrong food. Or even the food you cook and eat at your house may be the reason. This is because your body is unable to tolerate certain foods, causing problems such as headaches, skin problems, and diarrhoea, among others. One such reason responsible for this is IgG food allergy (Type III).

The delayed allergies lead to multiple issues, such as low-grade inflammation, which triggers multiple problems and chronic diseases in the body. IgG food allergy testing and diet counseling based on test results might be a highly useful approach in overcoming such situations to a large extent.

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