ImuPro - Your Partner in Identifying and Treating Food Allergies

We provide you with food allergy testing and nutritional guidance.

We undertake blood analysis to identify the trigger foods an individual's body is allergic to. Post-identification, we offer customised guidance to patients to help them live trouble-free lives.

With precise assessment and identification, our extensive laboratory analysis helps highlight the food proteins with high levels of IgG antibodies. We conduct tests on over 270 food types and offer nutritional counselling to pave your way for a healthier life.

We help you identify the good foods and the trigger foods based on your body type through your IgG test results. Consequently, we help you avoid those foods and find substitutes so that you can get rid of inflammatory processes and help your body recover.

Get information about the ImuPro test, the nutritional strategy that will follow, and the test reports you will receive.

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Several patients have trusted ImuPro with their health and have taken the tests and guidance in the last fifteen years. Read about their experiences

Standard of ImuPro

  • Comprehensive and reliable IgG test
  • Customised dietary recommendations
  • Healthy and delicious recipes
  • Seamless provocation and rotation plan
  • A wallet card with the list of possible trigger foods
  • Helpful, practical tips for everyday life
  • Professional scientific and nutritional advice

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