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  • Florian C. – France

    "This test is a first step towards a real personalized diet."

  • Harmehar Sikka

    "ImuPro food allergy test is an amazing way to make your health better as it teaches you about your body and the ongoing inflammations and diseases prevailing."

  • Vijay Singh

    "This is very good testing who save you in very beautiful new type of medical implementation without any medicine only avoid some daily habits eating very easily."

  • Nitin Namdeo

    "If its really correct then awsme I will tell later more when i will all cure"

  • Swati Kumari

    It is very helpful to me to improve my health issues, first of all i will request my family member to go for it.

  • Sunil Kumar

    Read the difference between IgE and IgG test on FMD website and make a good decision for your life. Thanks to FMD.

  • Priyaneet

    Looks very promising, hope to benefit from the same.

  • Marco Koch – Germany

    “I can say that ImuPro really contributed to my sporting success”

  • Jon and Jan D. – Australia

    “Jan is overjoyed after going through this last 12 months of agony and having it all suddenly resolved.”

  • Toni M. – Australia

    “After a decade of trying to figure out what was wrong with me I was extremely excited to finally achieve the results I was after.”

  • Kashish Sansanwal

    I had a great experience with Neeraj Arora at ImPro when I went for my food allergy tests. They helped me find out I was intolerant to gluten, dairy and other foods which were the main cause of my inflammation.

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